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If you are well-studied, you likely have noticed there to be a common theme running through the various major religions and spiritual traditions. The common theme in each of these systems is known as Esoteric Wisdom (also titled Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Wisdom, and other names).

The primary goal of teaching the Esoteric Wisdom has always been to bring people to developing genuine knowledge of self. In developing this knowledge, individuals come to understand the true nature of the Spirit, Soul, and Universe. Esoteric Wisdom is knowledge that is not only useful spiritually but is also of use in all worldly affairs.

While we provide teachings dealing with all sorts of Esoteric Wisdom, we specialize in esoteric teachings concerning the mind. Choosing to understand the esoteric science behind the mind is one of the most meaningful decisions we can make in our lives. From our studies, we discovered the mind plays a vital role in nearly every aspect of our lives and the workings of the world at large – a role much more significant than most can imagine.

We have developed an esoteric, spiritual philosophy called Mentalism. It is designed to serve as the bridge between spirituality and psychology. Its purpose is to correct untruths in regards to spirituality and material science. Our goal is to share universal truths to empower, transform, and spiritually awaken individuals internationally. Using our philosophy, we will help individuals improve their quality of life and grow into their awareness of the eternal presence of God (which is within themselves).

The mind is a lower aspect of the Spirit. What we know to be our Spirit expresses itself through the mind. Our spiritual essence and mental faculties are deeply interconnected, and any efforts to fully understand or gain mastery over the mind is insufficient without taking the time to learn about its connection to our spiritual nature as well. And vice-versa. It is essential to teach these subjects jointly.

We will use the best of modern sciences and the remnants of ancient, esoteric knowledge taught by philosophers and messengers of the past to develop a school of thought that is most suitable for present-day society. Connect with us to work toward unlocking the true power of your mind and unleashing your full spiritual potential.

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