Mentalism Basics

Whatever we must desire, we can achieve using the power of the mind. The thoughts our minds produce have a profound influence on our lives. Despite this being the truth, most people proceed through life with little regard for their thought processes. How the mind works, what it fears, its internal dialogue, etc. is typically given no consideration. However, this is a grave mistake.

Mentalism is about using the power of the mind to manifest desired outcomes regardless of what area of life it is in. Through the power of the mind, we are able to sharpen our focus and attract success. Typically, if we allow the mind to become consumed with negativity and limitations, we produce negative life outcomes and find ourselves limited in various areas of our lives. If we focus on abundance and possibility, we are more successful and powerful.

Mentalism is about understanding the mental principles that govern our lives and using them to make our minds best work for us. Through the use of thought, we can create great change in our lives. We can create opportunities where there before were none. We can become powerful in areas we were previously weak in.

To change our lives, we must first change the way we utilize the mind. We cannot utilize the minds as we always have and expect great change to occur in our lives. For our external world to change, we must make internal changes. Many people completely forget this step. Instead, they attempt to change their external conditioning by focusing on and working directly with the external conditions. Doing so will only provide temporary results at most. To maximize our life success, we must go within and train the mind to produce thoughts of abundance, success, happiness, health, etc.

The mini-lessons listed below are designed to serve as an introduction to Mentalism and the world of mind science and metaphysics for those who are new to these areas of study. The information given, like the rest of our content, is offered to help individuals understand the mind, align with their spiritual nature, and better make sense of the world we are in.

Some of the information given in the lessons will piggyback off of information given in our newly published book, Mastering the Matrix: Gaining Freedom Through Self-Mastery. If you have not checked it out, I suggest you do, as it not only touches on information that will be given in these lessons but details a lot of information not presented here as well.

Lesson 1 – The Universe and Mental

Lesson 2 – The 7 Hermetic Principles

Lesson 3 – The Subconscious Mind

Lesson 4 – Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Lesson 5 – Visualizing

Lesson 6 – Affirmations

Lesson 7 – Brain Hemispheres and Brain Waves

Lesson 8 – A World of Mind Control

Lesson 9 – Mastering the Mind

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