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What is Mentalism?

Mentalism is an esoteric spiritual philosophy that serves as a bridge between spirituality and psychology. It teaches of the connection between our spiritual essence and mental faculties. On the internet and within various books, you will see mentalism being related to stage magic, mind tricks, or forms of entertainment. However, this is not at all in alignment with our teachings. We view mentalism as a philosophy explaining mental phenomena and feats of mental power that are not fully explainable by mainstream science. Mental phenomena cannot be reduced to solely being the result of biological and physiological processes occurring in the brain.

The Kybalion is a document that gives a modern interpretation of ancient Hermetic philosophy. It lists seven universal principles and explains their meanings in detail. The first principle listed in The Kybalion is The Principle of Mentalism. It states, “The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.” While our philosophy encompasses more than what this document provides, this one principle is the foundation for all of our teachings. The mind plays a direct role in all the processes within the Universe. The process of thinking is truly a spiritual function. Not one that is a byproduct of the body as suggested by materialist scientists. We will definitively prove this in time.

Our Fundamental Teachings and What You Will Learn

To master your life, you must become your mind’s single master. There is no way around this fact. The mind is more powerful than many can fathom. As stated above, The Principle of Mentalism tells us, “The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.” The Universe itself exists within the living mind of God, and it is deeply connected to all other minds within it. By using the power of the mind in tandem with Universal Laws and Principles, you can begin to direct your life consciously. We will teach you how to properly apply the power of your mind to create the life you most desire.

Beyond learning of the true power of the mind, it is essential to know there is one source of all things in existence. This source has been referred to as God, The Creator, Source, The Universal Mind, The One Spirit, The First Cause, The Universal Consciousness, and a multitude of other titles throughout time. Each person is an emanation, extension, or manifestation of this one Divine source. Each person is an immaterial soul that is an individualized aspect of the One Spirit of God.

Our spiritual essence is made in the image of God, is a part of God, and connects us back to God. The mind is an aspect of the soul. It is the faculty that allows for the desires of the Spirit to be expressed. We can either diminish or grow this aspect of ourselves based upon our thoughts, desires, and actions. Ultimately, we are each given the free will to work toward our destruction or enlightenment. It is the mission of The School of Mentalism to use our teachings and services to guide devoted individuals toward the latter.

Conditions for Membership

We desire that our school be filled with individuals who genuinely wish to seek the truth regardless of their personal or religious backgrounds. Those interested in our services should be seeking to obtain higher knowledge without the intention of using it selfishly, but to better serve humanity.

Our teachings are for you regardless of your race, gender, nationality, or spiritual beliefs. To assist us in our ability to serve you, we ask that each potential student submit a personal analysis form. The information extracted from the form will allow us to have a greater understanding of your background so that we can better assist you in your personal and spiritual development and have a more significant impact on your life.

How To Become a Member

Membership is closed. Material is currently in development.

Until Membership is Open

Until our teachings are available, be sure to check out our first published book, Mastering the Matrix: Gaining Freedom Through Self-Mastery, to receive a thorough introduction to the subject matter we teach and to learn more about the workings of reality.

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