The Universe is Mental

The fundamental building block of reality is the mind. All developments in the world come from the mind. All achievements and advancements (whether scientific, artistic, or mechanical) come from the mind. Every object and institution created by humans first began as a thought within the mind of some human. And every object in our reality not created by human first began as a thought within the mind of God. Thought is a spiritual faculty. It is through the mind that Spirit expresses itself.

Many works plainly explain the great importance the mind plays in the shaping of reality. One of the works that thoroughly does so is The Kybalion. It provides us with a modern interpretation of the Kemetic/Hermetic teachings of ancient Egypt and Greece. I will fully describe The Kybalion and its relevancy to our teachings in detail in Lesson 2. Until then, I wish to touch on some relevant information from this work quickly. The first universal principle laid out in The Kybalion is the Principle of Mentalism. It states, “The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.” This concept is foundational for all other teachings within The Kybalion. It also is foundational in regards to all of our organization’s teachings and the information which is to be shared in the following lessons.

Everything currently in the visible, physical realm originates from the invisible, mental realm. There truly is a single Universal Mind which all things are created by and subordinate to. This Universal Mind is the Mind of God. The Universal Mind is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Each of our minds is a part of this Universal Mind. In relation to the Universal Mind, our minds are the same in kind but different in degree. This is on of the true meanings of being created in the image of God. The Biblical scriptures detailing such were never talking about our physical bodies. Instead, they were referring to our unseen aspects – the mind, spirit, and soul.

Fully understanding and taking back control of our minds is one of the most important things we can accomplish. We must become the masters of our minds, or something external to us will gladly do so in our place. The following lessons will detail the importance of the mind, give uses information on explain the system that has been established to manipulate and control the minds of the masses.

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